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Collectors Editions

I have entered a new partnership. I can now offer you bulk editions of my clips. The First 3 editions are up. As a good collector wants to have everything from beginning to end, I started with my very first pee and wetting clips from February 2013.

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Pee Stories

Pee stories are a secret passion of mine

I have been writing pee stories ever since I was a teenager. Whether or not it’s allowed to post stories written as a teen, I don’t know. But I don’t have any of these stories on the site anyway. My first pee stories were of course hand-written on a piece of paper. I am a 90’s kid and while we had computers and even laptops, it was not as common to write a story on a computer as it was to hand write a story.

Moreover, computers used to be expensive and belong to parents. Most friends and I used the family computer and while my parents were not as skilled in using the machine, I would not have dared to write a pee story on that computer and save it somewhere on the hard disk. In fact, I did film myself doing pee play at an earlier age than the clips in my pee clipstore, but I never put those on the computer. I just left them on my own camera, which was a little risky as well, but I could remove the “naughty card” whenever someone wanted to borrow the camera.

There was a time when I went to video chat rooms. It was back when we had a really early webcam. I think compared with today’s standards, people would just laugh at the quality. But having a sexy girl in free video chat taking off her clothes while telling you pee stories would still have been pretty exciting, right?

There was a user from America who had a pretty wild night one time. I am sure he never forgot. It was weird for me because I felt that my pee fetish was wrong and taboo. I slowly approached the subject with a pee story, then slowly wet myself on cam and did more for him. Just out of the blue. It was not even a sex chat website, it was just a video chat.

I did do things like these later on as well. I constantly tried to find out if I was weird for getting excited by peeing in naughty places, wetting myself at inappropriate times (yes, I know it’s almost always inappropriate to wet yourself, but I mean like at the dinner table with your first boyfriend’s parents or sitting in church) and playing with pee in my room or in the tub. I always peed when I took a shower and masturbated and I still have to pee today, as soon as I turn on the water.

It has been added to my bodily system. I can also pee on purpose because of all my pee play. I sometimes had to pee at precise moments, like when there was commotion in the train and people would not watch me for a second, but I also learned to hold it quite well. I was shy and usually didn’t dare to ask where a toilet was or interrupt people to leave for the toilet. So I held my pee in for hours and hours and it’s still problematic today, because sometimes when I drink and then hold it, it takes ages for me to become really really desperate to pee.

I have had so many experiences with holding, wetting, peeing, piss play tat I could write pee stories all day. However, I much rather film myself today. I have my own home, my own computer and I can do whatever I want. I learnt through my student time and showing myself peeing and doing pee play on camera, that people out there would not find it weird. They would find it exciting, get aroused by watching me.

That was very arousing to me as well. The first time a guy got his dick out and masturbated to me wetting, I got so horny that I fingered myself in both holes and peed and orgasmed multiple times. I could tell you that story as well, although it’s not a pee story in that sense, but I don’t remember many details. I like to fade off into my fantasy zone and just cum and cum.

I never had a boy or girlfriend into pee with whom I could share any pee stories or pee play. It’s not easy at all to find someone, be it as a male or female. Guys always think it’s easy to find a boy into pee stories or pee / wetting. But I don’t know any girl, me included, that openly asks or admits that she is into pee and both have a super happy pee fucking relationship from there. It’s just a taboo to be into pee.

It’s even a taboo to tell pee stories if they are not in a “funny” context. I want to post more pee stories here, I really do. I might make some room and film less videos and write more, but I have some things going on in my life and my pee clips pay for my rent and bills. You guys are awesome if you get over to my store now and buy something. Watch me, write an email what you thought about me. That kind of behavior arouses me. You can make me really wet when you get a clip, because that makes me feel ashamed and naughty.

Have fun! See you soon 🙂

Shaved my young pussy for you (pictures)

Here is my little picture journey to a freshly shaved (and very soft!) pussy:
Hairy underwater, I need to shave:
A good soaping:
Starting to shave myself:
Shaving my small asshole as well:
Mysmooth pussy is getting me pretty aroused..Having fun with my vibrating razor:
Having an orgasm a second after this:
After that nice orgasm, finishing touches:
Feeling for any hairs left, but it’s really smooth:
Happy on the outside:
Pink on the inside:
I peed in the bathwater :tongue:
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Sinna meets Sinna – an erotic story

Sinna meets Sinna

It was a beautiful sunny day in late April. The birds were chirping happily and a flair of creativity lingered around the streets. I was feeling hungry, but I didn’t want to stay at home. I wanted to enjoy nature and some good, traditional food.
So I left the house, walked barefoot across the warm streets to a food truck just at the edge of a large park with a small lake and beautiful, yet artificially created, landscape. I ordered a light meal with a delicious sauce and a bottle of water. It was ice cold water and the guys at the truck only had big 2 liter bottles left.
A bottle was cheap at $2, so I bought one despite it being too much for me to drink. With that bottle and a full stomach, I realized that I was actually well prepared to take a walk in the park, maybe even find a quiet spot to rest a little.
After walking around the little lake, I left the artificial pathways and went to a large tree further away. Thinking back, it was in the middle of nowhere really. I sat down against the tree on the sunny side – it would have been too cold to sit in the shadow and I wanted to charge up on some sun-energy anyway.
While I sat there, watching the surrounding, observing some ducks and pigeons, I dozed off a little. I didn’t fully fall asleep – at least I think so – but I was a little numbed from the food intake. That’s when I heard myself talking to me.
I know it sounds strange, but it was definitely my voice. It wasn’t just IN my head, like usual thinking. It was somehow coming from the outside. You know, when you are thinking, or talking to yourself in your head, you KNOW that it’s you. But this felt like it wasn’t me. It was someone else, but with my voice and, well, since there was no one around it must have been me. Somehow. Right?
This voice started to tease me a little. It said “Sinna, why are we so boring?”. I didn’t “reply” at first – I mean, HOW do you reply to someone who is you, but who doesn’t feel like you and, you know – I was a little confused.
Then my hand moved. I swear, my right hand, which had rested on the neck of the water bottle, which was standing between my legs, gently grabbed the bottle and pushed it against my crotch. I wore some light leggings and normal cotton panties underneath, so I felt the bottle against my… you know. Against my… self. My.. womanhood.
The hand moved so diligently that I didn’t stop it. It’s like someone pulling at a blanket that you sleep on. If they pull gently enough, you won’t wake up, right? You’ll just roll over and let it happen.
This.. I don’t know. This other me was pulling at my inner blanket so to speak. It was cautiously manipulating my body so that I wouldn’t “wake up” and resist.
The hand – excuse me, MY hand, was sliding that cold water bottle softly up and down my crotch. Actually, if I had been naked, it would have slid just between my lips. It was right at that perfect spot – obviously, my other me knew how to handle myself.
The water bottle had been so cold when I bought it that water had condensed on the surface of the plastic. By having the bottle touch up – I wouldn’t say grinding, but it was a firm touch – against my leggings, the water soaked into the fabric. My hand turned the bottle so that all the water from the whole circumference would stroke off into my crotch. It did that in such a slow manner, that my .. you know.. lips .. were gently pushed to the side, revealing just a micro part of my clitoris. That very sensitive part that I had barely “used” in my non-existent and boring self-sexual life. I had merely discovered it once, by accident, a few years ago and never got it out to play ever since. Back then it didn’t really feel good when I touched it. It was just TOO sensitive and hurt a little.
The exposed micro part of my clitoris was just brushed against lightly by that bottle, cushioned by those two layers of clothes I wore and, I admit, quite a bit of hair that I had growing wildly there. It didn’t cross my mind back then to do anything about all that hair. No one ever saw that place anyway, so why bother?
When that touch started, it didn’t feel awkward. In fact, it felt.. like spring. I don’t know. I could feel the smell of delicious food, I could feel the birds chirping, I could feel this amazing sensation that I had never felt before.
And it was just starting. With the continuous turning of the bottle, the feeling was getting better. Yes, even better than it already was. The cold from the bottle and the wetness .. from the water I guess.. added to that unique sensation. I didn’t know what was going on, but my hand continued to turn the bottle and push it gently into my crotch and it all just felt smooth.
Then my heart started pounding heavily.. like… in my throat! I felt like there was an alien trying to deliver itself from my chest.. I started sweating heavily.. I heard myself breathe. It seemed as if a storm rushed through my airways, over and over. My head felt light, I saw some white spots in the surrounding nature, as if I had stared into the sun for too long.
I was not afraid. Instead, I felt relaxed. A thunderstorm is rocking your body, but you feel more and more relaxed. Is that normal? I guess it’s as normal as having someone talking to you and touch yourself with yourself – and that someone be you.
I got so relaxed that I thought I’d pass out any second, but instead, all of a sudden, a shock of PURE ENERGY electrified my body. As if a nuclear reactor had had a catastrophic meltdown, concentrated into the size of a grain of rice – my clitoris.
Instead of exploding, the enormous amount of energy was diverted into the most amazing fibre network in the world. The only network that could take a hit from such a devastating nuclear reaction without getting destroyed. The system would “merely” overclock and get out of control – my nervous system, charged into every last cell of my body.
The control room – my brain – would get seriously hit and shaken, it would become unstable for a while, but it wouldn’t break.
The energy had to be discharged somehow though, so my body was shaking as if I had a serious epileptic shock. I bit my lip and tongue, blood and saliva ran down my chin as I helplessly wet myself with a powerful urine stream that must have shredded my panty and leggings. Like a huge earthquake had hit my body with the epicenter in my bladder. An eruption and relief that I had never felt before. I was but a witness from the inside, as I couldn’t do anything than feel.
Everything had been out of control, so my body shut down as a safety precaution. At least that’s how I would explain my very first orgasm today.
I just wasn’t prepared for it, neither was my mind, my body and whatever was moving my hand that had established itself inside my world of thoughts – and manifested in motor activity that had led to this amazing total meltdown.
Then everything turned black and the chirping bird noises faded… I had “suffered” a knockout orgasm.
I woke up. I felt cold and warm at the same time, the sun was grazing my skin… when I heard keys getting dropped. What?
I opened my eyes. I was in a flat! Shit. I wanted to jump up and hide but then I noticed that I felt so light underneath this brown blanket that was covering me half-way. I took a quick peak – and was not wearing anything below the waist..
What was going on?! I pushed the blanket down from the outside with a hand resting on top of my crotch – just to be sure – and sat up, expecting whoever just returned home to whatever place I was in. Was I a hostage? Did someone.. sexually assault.. oh no. I wanted to start crying.. okay, I’ll be honest. I started crying. I did sit straight up though. I braced myself as well as I could.
Then I heard steps come closer. The door opened and…
The End
written by Sinna 24mar-2016
© 2pee4you,

Mocassin pee play ND full video

You caught me in a very very naughty mood. I am feeling so happy today in my leather moccasins. I love the shoes so much that I think I want to have some more fun with them.. rubbing them on my pussy feels so good.. but you know what I am thinking.. I am thinking of letting some pee out ..


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Wine tasting clip ND (no definition)

Continuing my free to watch full clips in miserable quality (I call it ND from now on, as opposed to SD or HD). I heard that these are not as bad as they look. The sound is pretty good, although it’s not as high quality as the sound from the clips for sale and the picture is good enough to get a sense of what is going on. The rest is left to your imagination, which is what sexual pleasure is all about – or you skip that and buy the clip. Helps me finance everything 🙂


A real amateur pee enthusiast