Fan Feedback

Every once in a while I receive feedback from customers. Below you can read what others think about me in general or single clips they bought.

General Feedback

“I just bought your tent, outdoor fence, and bedwetting videos. They’re wonderful! Thank you for posting such great stuff! You are truly one of a kind. You are a gift to the Internet.”

“keep up the amazing work hun and you’ll definitely be seeing me from time to time getting clips of yours cause your at the top of my list and one of the best wetter I’ve ever seen videos of :)” T.

“I also like your quiet voice, and your accent. Your clips are the best I’ve found, and you’re the most exciting “performer”.” D.

“I enjoy your clips a lot, and will continue to support your store.
When I first purchased a clip I realised how much different your videos are compared to other stores.
Your store is the only one I purchase pee videos at.
The only store I visit on c4s for videos period.

Keep up the amazing job.” C.

“Omg!!!!!! Omg!!!! You’re a goddess!!! I love you. Let me just fucking say that.

First of all, not only have you surpassed my record (and I’m a bodybuilding big strong guy) but you fucking peed 1.6L in 25 seconds!!

That amounts to an average of 65ml/s. but you started soft so your max I’d estimate was 75 or 80ml/s!!!

That’s waaaaaaay above average! Women normally pee 25-40ml/s even bursting. You have such an awesome bladder and keegal muscles.

I wish every woman peed like you. Please train as many as you find. You’re the queen of this. I’ve never seen someone pee so fucking hard.” J.

He is referring to this clip Buy Now

“discovered your c4s site this morning, got late to work as a result! 🙂

Your videos are really hot, OMG!” D.

“amazing…I know I have been keeping a close watch on your store!

I will get more of your clips soon! you’re amazing!” S.

“I’m a soldier in Afghanistan, and I just have to say….Your clips are incredible! I am a huge fan!” K.

“Hello Sinna,

thank you very much for fulfilling my request, I did not expect this so fast! 🙂
I just watched it and wooooooow it’s great. I need to watch it again right now :P”

Very nice from you, thanks.” F.

“you have to most amazing videos i have ever had the pleasure of watching!!! u r an awesome women with a beautiful face and a perfect body!!

my balls applaud every time i open your page!!!! i am very very lucky that i have found such a sexy women that is not only willing to make the kind of videos that i like but also enjoys making them.” W.

“Even when I am not watching your clips, all I have to do is think about one of them and I get so hard that my underwear is terribly restrictive!” B.

“Nice clip ! Being filmed by yourself, you do better angles than other producers with cameraman !” N.

“Your sneakers wetting videos are simply the best!!!” J.

Direct Clip Feedback

‘HD’ ‘Penis envy, desperate, standing power stream release against locked toilet door’
Hi Sinna,
Thank you SO much for making the video, I just bought it and it’s everything I’d ever dreamed of!
You’re the best!

Buy Now

‘HD’ ‘Bike and slide’

“I just did it again ! Blew my wad , literally ! !

Over what you did on that slide ! Plus on the bike as well without panties on ! So I could see your pee streaming out of your pussy & down your legs ! !
Plus showing your wet saddle on your bike & wet skirt ! Just imagining how Horny you got !
Thanks, Sinna, for doing both of those !!”

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‘HD’ ‘Extreme, bladder stretching desperation, one-go volume record 1.5L’

“I just wanted to say that this is the best desperation movie I’ve ever seen by a long long way. The way you ride the waves of desperation and describe the sensations is fantastic. How you manage to do such good camera work while that desperate is beyond me. Your release at the end is spectacular to say the least.
Thanks so much, you’re amazing.” D.

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‘HD’ ‘Naked drinking and holding game in the kitchen’

“Wow…I have to say…Naked Kitchen Holding Game left me rather breathless…when you couldn’t help but have little trickles sliding down your legs…and then when you punished yourself with that drink, and the sensation of liquid sliding down your throat must have overwhelmed you, and you moaned helplessly into your drink as wee started to trickle, then gush out of you…*swoon*” M.

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‘HD’ ‘Bladder filling movie parts 5 and 6 – Desperate as never before, holding on until bursting’

“OMG…Sinna the bladder filling thing that you did was an amazing release!! I’ve never seen a woman pee so hard. It’s amazing how fast and hard yours comes out. Most ppl can’t pee that fast when they hold it that long…your bladder is literally like a balloon deflating. You should measure an effort that big…that may have been a record…” J.

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 ‘HD’ ‘Clearing the dishwasher while casually re-wetting several times’

“saw ur new clips !! Love the m sooo much!
Want them all. Love the dishwasher clip.” N.

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 ‘old’ ‘peeing in fitting room on store panties’

“Hi. I bought your fantastic clips pissing in store changing room clips from C4S site,they are very naughty and sexy” J.

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‘HD’ ‘Destroying and humiliating beautiful colorful socks’

“that clip is really great, you did a phantastic Job. 🙂 I’m very elated. Thank you very much for this sensational clip.” M.

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‘HD’ ‘Disappointment wetting’

“Sinna your videos drive me crazy, how do you make them so good ?
I love the video those pants work really well.
Thank you so much, wow :)” N.

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‘HD’ ‘POV the countdown experience’

Just downloaded the desperate countdown clip. All I can say is Amazing. It was
if I was standing right there in front of you…..Probably one of the best and most erotic
videos I’ve ever seen.”

Buy Now

‘HD’ ‘POV sensual masturbating with full bladder, real orgasm, peeing’

“Thank you so much for the video, it not only had the sexual effect but made my body tingle just from hearing your voice I might have to ask for another video as no others come close to the videos you make.” S.

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 ‘HD’ ‘More than 300 crushing heel stomps – violent model car piss destruction’

So I bought and watched your lambo destruction video. Hands down, best crush and destruction porn I have ever seen.  You are a natural at that sort of game.  Thanks for suggesting the purchase.  You should really consider making a couple more films like that!!!!  You would have at least one guaranteed customer for those.” W.

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9 Responses to “Fan Feedback”

  1. 19sten56 August 7, 2017 at 7:24 am Permalink

    Wow Sinna!?????????????As somebody else wrote you are a gift to the internet! I loooove your films and writings!! You get me soooo aroused! I sure would like to taste your sexy pee. You sell panties?
    Love your beautiful face, lips, tounge, Eyes, speach, sexy sexy tits, pregnant belly, your absolutely beautiful pussy, and sweet feet!!!!!
    I showed som ofta your clips to my partner and she ler med pee inside her vagina and sweet asshole. Wow! Think for your inspiration!! You are simpely thé best!
    Love Sten

  2. Gerrit May 4, 2016 at 1:12 pm Permalink

    Hoi Sinna,
    Thanks for your video pissing through your shorts in your transparant shoes until they are filled wirh piss and soaking your shorts completely after that! It is perfect!!!!! What a wonderful splashing sound you are making with your shoes! Do you realy go out in your transparant shoes totally filled with piss and wearing socks? Do people react on your splashing walking sound? Or do you use your bike?

  3. Gerrit April 9, 2016 at 9:47 am Permalink

    Hoi Sinna. What a perfect video is the last one with you pissing in your transparant ,shoes and walking in them through the garden! So nice to hear you walking in your piss, making a wonderful splashing sound. And you can see that your shoes are almost totaly filled with piss! More v8ideo’s please with you pissing in your transparant shoes and walking in them fullm with piss! Would be lovely to do that next time in your jeans so you cabn soak them totally too!

  4. Gerrit September 16, 2015 at 11:51 am Permalink

    Hoi Sinna. I just looked at your newest clip: Pissing in long plastic pants and
    transparant shoes. Really a perfect choice! Wonderful to see you pee running from your plastic pants into your shoes. They are totally filled at the end! Do you like walking in your transparant shoes filled wirh piss? The sound is so special!With your see-through pants and shoes you can see where your piss comes from en goes to! Sexy way to show your pussy! Do you really going out sometimes in your transparant shoes totally filled with pis? Would love to walk with you and when you had to piss again you could do it in my mouth.

  5. Kevin Haroldson June 2, 2015 at 9:09 pm Permalink

    I had noticed a few Birthday video clips you have made & would like to suggest that you film one in doing a self – pee om your naked body if possible 😉
    Since I think it would be a great video to film of yourself . Peeing over your Sexy Breasts , tummy & even your pussy 😉

  6. Kevin Haroldson March 21, 2015 at 2:04 am Permalink

    Sinna ,

    i just wanted to let you know that I have just purchased your second video of riding a bike while peeing . A long journey of enjoyment
    Which I really was totally impressed with on how well you had filmed it. I do understand how hard it is to pee while pedaling your bike . though you made it seem so easy to do . Which aroused me so much in watching this video . Very Well Done there Sinna ! A video well worth watching being aroused by your peeing . then to top it all off towards the end . To pee more along with a most arousing finger play . That made you cum pretty quick . As you were definitely pretty aroused yourself in the Naughtiness of riding your bike as you peed 😉
    Awesome girl / A rating of 10 out of 10 on that one . One last observation on this video . Was the skirt & the crotch less pantyhose you also wore to maximum effect . That loved that aspect of how you were dressed in that Great video you just made . EXCELLENT 🙂

    Thank You , for making it !!


  7. Kevin Haroldson November 12, 2014 at 7:28 pm Permalink

    Sinna ,
    Just a short note on here . To say that everything on your website . Looks really great & a real arousing joy to come here . to browse what type of Naughtiness you have been up to lately . how it’s so very appealing to see what you had now changed & how well it is to really go through your site & enjoy what you have to offer all of us . Who are members on here .& who support you in your LOVE TO PEE 😉
    Excellent work Sinna , you have Done So Vet Well 🙂
    My cock approves & Salutes you with a massive cum shot . In what you have done so far now
    2 Thumbs – Way – Way – Up on all this


  8. Gerrit September 6, 2014 at 8:49 am Permalink

    Hoi Sinna. Video “countdown_piss_buckets” is absolute nr. 1! I never seen before a girl walking around with so much piss in her shoes. Perfect! Super! also your video “_lake_of_pee” is absolute top! Gorgeous, fabolous and magnifent to see you compete soaked and dripping in your own piss! A see-through blouse ( lovely tits behind) and jeans totally saturated with piss met never a dry spot realy never seen. But certaine this 2 video’s (and a lot of others) makes me a big fan from you. Sinna, you are pis girl nr.1! I love you!


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