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New store browsing experience

Tired of the clips4sale’s search not showing you what you were looking for?

Or maybe you didn’t even know that the c4s search does not show the correct results for multiple search words?

Maybe you missed out on many of my clips that the search just didn’t dig up for you!

I now have a solution and you should search my store again here:

My new c4s catalog with awesome search

  • All video versions in one place. Only one video displayed, no mess!
  • Search much better
  • Checkout still on c4s. It’s just a better storefront

Try it now

And tell me what it’s like. It’s still a test! Of course using that new store front does not cost you anything. Your orders are still fulfilled by c4s.


You run a c4s store and want this too?

Click here to get a 10% discount on the monthly price.

Backups of your store’s descriptions, keywords and other info included. You can even back up your preview pictures and gifs!

The store is created automatically within seconds. You don’t have to do anything!

First Bulk clips at massively reduced $5 / clip – Collectors editions

Collectors Editions

I have entered a new partnership. I can now offer you bulk editions of my clips. The First 3 editions are up. As a good collector wants to have everything from beginning to end, I started with my very first pee and wetting clips from February 2013.

You can buy all the clips from that month in one package for a discounted (massively discounted) price of only $5 / clip.

I didn’t plan on continuing to be this cheap, but for now the March editions are up for $5 / clip as well. It’s unbelievable, but payment procesing doesn’t allow to go much higher right now and I had already put the clips up.

So it’s your advantage.

Go to my profile here and add the bundles to your cart as soon as you can:

Sinna’s clips at incredicle collectors discounts

For true collectors, I will add more in the future.

Shaved my young pussy for you (pictures)

Here is my little picture journey to a freshly shaved (and very soft!) pussy:
Hairy underwater, I need to shave:
A good soaping:
Starting to shave myself:
Shaving my small asshole as well:
Mysmooth pussy is getting me pretty aroused..Having fun with my vibrating razor:
Having an orgasm a second after this:
After that nice orgasm, finishing touches:
Feeling for any hairs left, but it’s really smooth:
Happy on the outside:
Pink on the inside:
I peed in the bathwater :tongue:
Full clip just $14.99
Buy Now

Mocassin pee play ND full video

You caught me in a very very naughty mood. I am feeling so happy today in my leather moccasins. I love the shoes so much that I think I want to have some more fun with them.. rubbing them on my pussy feels so good.. but you know what I am thinking.. I am thinking of letting some pee out ..


Buy the HD version here: ‘HD’ ‘Naughty real leather moccasin pee play’

Wine tasting clip ND (no definition)

Continuing my free to watch full clips in miserable quality (I call it ND from now on, as opposed to SD or HD). I heard that these are not as bad as they look. The sound is pretty good, although it’s not as high quality as the sound from the clips for sale and the picture is good enough to get a sense of what is going on. The rest is left to your imagination, which is what sexual pleasure is all about – or you skip that and buy the clip. Helps me finance everything 🙂


extreme desperation compilation clip in miserable quality free to watch

You can watch this very low bitrate version for free. The whole clip. Compressing it like that saves bandwidth and if you want the SD or even HD version, you can buy them in my store:

‘HD’ ‘More desperate, more bladder bulge, more pee’ $17.99

‘More desperate, more bladder bulge, more pee’ $16.99