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What about the elevator?

Hi there,   it’s a slow month, as expected with my few updates. I have some new customers which I very much appreciate. Still, one thing makes me wonder. I thought there would be a run on the elevator clip. It’s so naughty and I had several requests to be naughty in public again. Now […]

Semi-afk and progress

Hello all, I am far away from home now. I will return back to “normal” in about 10 days. It’s very difficult for me to have private time here, so I don’t know how I’ll be able to update or film clips. I was thinking about making some compilations. I was originally against it, but […]

Exciting news

TOP 50 I entered the top 50 again. Currently #49. So happy about it. Thanks to the customers who appreciate my clips so much! You made me really happy. Really really really happy!   New clips I made a full desperation movie yesterday (find it here). And today I filmed another growth clip and also […]

News will be more frequent

Hello, I know that I used my news section and actually the whole site too little. But with the start of this month, I will get you more involved. I want to post more, add galleries and update sections of the site. The news section will be the place where I announce everything.   Shop […]