News will be more frequent


I know that I used my news section and actually the whole site too little. But with the start of this month, I will get you more involved. I want to post more, add galleries and update sections of the site.

The news section will be the place where I announce everything.


Shop design

First of all, I want to get your attention to my new shop layout at clips4sale. I have added CATEGORIES, which are basically quick links that search my store for you. I am convinced that there are so many clips, that everyone misses out on great clips that they would absolutely enjoy, because they can’t be found easily.

The search is not perfect though. For example a search for “Ass” will also return “mAssive bedwetting”, a clip that has litle to do with my Ass ๐Ÿ™‚

To find the clips you like best, it’s still a good idea to take the time and go through them.

I made a BARGAIN-BASEMENT and CELEBRATED CLIPS section, where I will continuously add clips.


2nd anniversary webcam

I have planned the first of the 10minutes of free camming that I gave away for tonight. It’s pretty exciting ๐Ÿ™‚



I will add new items to 2pee4you


More news to come ever day now ๐Ÿ™‚


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2 thoughts on “News will be more frequent”

  1. Hi Sinna

    Seeing your delightful enjoyment of peeing I thought I would share my fantasy of peeing and insertion. I write it as though you are coming to be my slave to sensual sex.

    First Master asks if slave can obtain a large fat long candle. Something that will stretch and test slaves cunt. The idea is that before she meet master she places it somewhere prominent so she can contemplate it being thrust inside every time she passes it.

    Slave arrives dressed as requested…
    Undergarments: Ties sided panties, no bra , no stockings and flat shoes
    Overgarments: Thin sensual blouse, short flared skirt.

    She does not wear perfume. Master wants to smell her sex on her body. When slave arrives master greets her in the garden.

    You will know it is him, he will say are you Slave?…

    Then you will put down your bag in which the candle is held and stand legs apart before him. Start to feel the sex flowing through you… Master wants you to reply.. โ€œYour slave is here I am yearning to be naked yearning to be fucked. As you say this undo two buttons on your blouse and open it to his gaze. Roll the nipples in your fingers. “I need you to pleasure these”. Master wants you to feel for his cock and start to rub it. Master may want you to kneel and take it in your mouth, but that is his decision.

    Master will then take you to the room where you will be fucked. When we get there Master wants you to kneel down legs apart and look at me… Say Master I want the candle today, I am asking you please help me fuck myself with the candle. As you do this you are undoing all the buttons to the blouse then coyly you stroke your breasts and pass me the candle.

    Master shall say you know what to do. I do master you reply.

    I will place the candle upright on the floor. Then you slowly stand and stand over it legs apart. It will be pointing upwards at your cunt. You say โ€œPlease may I get naked for you master.โ€ I will watch. Yes I say tempt me. I want you to strip writhing on the spot knowing what is about to fill you, tempt me with your slave body make me want to fuck you. As soon as you are naked Master will join you naked also he will stand behind. He will already have placed a long mirror in front of us so we both may see.

    Slave says “Master I want to prepare my body for the insertion”. Master replies indeed we must prepare. You say. “Master I am full with piss and I must be empty to take this”. You turn to face master “let me piss myself for you master help me to cover myself I want to feel sexy for you”. With that we both retire outside both naked. You lay down on the grass “I am ready to piss myself master help me please”. I take up position at your feet and you roll over so that both ankles are either side of your head. I kneel behind you supporting your back. Iโ€™m ready now master let me piss myself. I hold open your cunt lips and you slowly allow the piss to flow. I help guide the flow so that it trickles over your stomach and breasts annointing every part of your body that we will touch.

    Soon the piss stops and you glisten with your warm juices you stand with me and I massage the piss into yours and my body. When this is done you say Im ready master. We return indoors and you stand legs wide apart above the candle again.

    “Now help me open myself master you say”. With that and with me behind you watch your reflection in the mirror as I reach around and cup your breasts. I start to roll the nipples and your head starts to tip back. I also stroke your back and your sides chasing goosebumps all over your body. You are feeling warm and your cunt starts to ache. Your hands trace an irresistible path down to your cunt. They easily find your wet cunt lips and you start to play, swaying your hips as the pleasure courses through you. You are getting more an more aroused and the wetness is flowing hanging in sticky strings from your lips. Slowly you work more and more fingers into you. Meanwhile I work my fingers down to your anus and start rimming your anus hole. You are swaying more almost drunk with need your cunt wants to be filled and you feel your knees weaken. This is the sign. You are moaning with pleasure and need head lolling back. Soon you say Master it is time I want to squat.

    I say indeed Slave… Squat. With that I kneel behind you as you start to open your knees and squat down your breathing is heavy with need you want this now, your body is prepared. I lay down so I may see your glistening anus and your delicious swollen cunt. You offer your cunt lips up to the candle. Im ready to thrust down master. Are you watching me. I say yes please fuck your cunt. With that you start to work the candle into your wet cunt. There is much slurping as you also start to lower yourself lower. It is tight but it is going in. The wetness from your cunt makes this easy. I am playing with your anus giving you delightful feelings as your cunt fills. Soon you can sink no more.

    Master I need to lay down. With the candle still protruding I help you lay back yet propped up so you can see the delight of the candle inside. I kneel in front of you and you place your feet on my shoulders. From here I can see every detail of your swollen lips clinging to the candle. Help me get a few more inches in master. We both grasp the base of the candle. After three master you say help me thrust. We both count…. one…. two… three…..

    With that and with a slight twisting motion we thrust another couple of inches inside. You gasp as you have never been this open before. Now it is in master help me fuck. Again together we move the candle gently in and out. You are moaning as orgasm is close by… faster as it eases we work the candle. You start working your clit. Im getting ready to cum master you say please be ready with my anus. I say yes tell me when you want it. I work my finger around your anus hole it is soaking wet. All to soon with passion of your soul you shout out now master Im coming. As your stomach tenses and you push out your cum. I simultaneously thrust my finger inside your anus. The effect is electric as you convulse uncontrollably with orgasm. Your knees shake you are grunting and moaning as you pour out your cum.

    I hope that may act as erotic inspiration one day for your erotic libido…


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