Peeing on the train and filming it

A few years ago, when I was about 19 years old, I did an internship in another city and I had to go there by train every day. One day I just couldn’t help myself. It was spring. I have an extreme fetish period in that time of the year every year. I didn’t have my clipstore yet and I did not have any kind of way to really experience my fetish. The urge had apparently grown quite big, because I did something I had never done before…

I was wearing tight black pants from a shiny material and I thought: ‘It probably won’t show in these pants if I pee a little.’ Peeing on the train had always been a big fantasy of mine and the chairs in this train were made of such niche soft fabric. This was my chance! So I grabbed a newspaper and pretended to read it. It was so hard to pee with other people sitting opposite me (the train was quite full, since it was rush hour). I tried and tried, but it was just to hard. I had to set my mind of the other people I tried to think of how nice it would feel if some warm pee would wet my pants, just a little bit and… I peed.

Oh I had to pee so badly and it felt so nice to let some pee out on that chair in the train. No one was looking at me and I thought that the pee probably hadn’t even wet the seat, that it would just be in my panties and pants. I knew I was going to pee more, just because it felt so nice and so naughty. And I peed more. A little bit again. Oh it felt so nice. And the same thought came up in my head..’Maybe I didn’t pee enough to wet the seat yet..No one will notice if I pee a bit more’ and I did. Now I could actually be very sure that the seat was wet. But it just felt so nice and my naughty feelings weren’t satisfied yet. I thought: ‘I can only be sure that the seat is wet if I pee more than just a little bit.’ so I peed…quite a lot this time. It felt so incredibly nice to just let the pee stream out. I could feel how wet my pants were under my legs. I wanted to feel more pee streaming out… I thought: ‘I’m sure my pants are wet, but the seat is probably not very wet yet. Of course I knew that wasn’t true, but I just didn’t want the nice feeling to be over yet. So I peed again. This time even more. I just kept peeing. It felt soooo good. Now I couldn’t tell myself anymore that the seat wasn’t wet.

But another thought came up: ‘I definitely wet my seat so much, that it will look wet anyway, so there is no reason to stop peeing now. Others will be able to see what I’ve done anyway, so I might just as well pee more.’ I was so aroused by the feeling of the pee running out while I was sitting in the train. I just had to pee more. So I did. I didn’t hold it back anymore. I really peed a lot. I was looking down at my own pants (still hiding behind the newspaper). I saw my entire pants getting wet with pee and I could feel it running down into my boots. I didn’t know if anyone was looking at me, but I felt soooooo ashamed by the thought of it. I just had to get out of the coupé. I got up.

Pee was dripping down from my pants. there was a small puddle on the floor beneath my seat. I tried to get to the toilet as fast as I could. But it was hard, because there were so many people. Luckily the toilet wasn’t occupied! I got in an closed the door. Wow…I took a deep breath. That was so exciting. I still couldn’t believe I had done that. I was so horny from it. I couldn’t stop my fun just yet. I had my phone with me and I decided to film myself, because I felt so proud in a strange arousing kind of way. I was filming my wet pants, when I decided to pee more. It wasn’t really a decision. I just had to go on with my sinful wetting. I set down on the toilet with the toilet lit down and my pants on and I peed and I peed…it was so much. It was running everywhere. The boots that I was wearing were also completely filled up with pee. But most of the pee didn’t run into my boots. It ran all over the floor in the small toilet. I got up and looked at the huge puddle.

I wanted to pee more. I squatted down and peed on the floor. I knew that I was peeing to much, but I just wanted to completely empty my bladder, because it felt soooo good and sooo naughty. I really did flood the entire toilet. I had no time to worry about other people waiting to go to the toilet. I enjoyed my own pee so much. I was sitting down in it, peeing more. I felt heavenly. But when I had finished peeing and slowly started to come back to my normal self, the shame came over me. I was so afraid that there would be pee running out under the door. I thought of the people that would see me come out of this very wet toilet. They would know that I did this, because I had been in here for so long. I tried to clean up as much pee as I could with the newspaper that I still had. It worked quite well. The floor was still wet, but it wasn’t a pool anymore. I waited until the train stopped at a big station, where lots of people went in and out.

I sneaked out of the toilet as fast as I could. Now I had to wait for my own train station. I didn’t go back in to the coupé, I just waited at the doors. a young man was waiting there too. I don’t know if he saw my wet pants. I really wanted to leave a pee stain there too. I tried to pee some more. It would have been so exciting to pee with only the one guy with me.. Would he say something?…Maybe he would like it…I started to get very horny again, but I couldn’t pee fast enough, because the guy got out at the next stop. With no one there it was much easier to pee and I did leave a nice small puddle there too.

Then I arrived at my own station. I walked to my bike as fast as I could, trying not to get any attention, hoping not to meet anyone I knew and hoping that the wetness of my pants wasn’t that obvious. On my bike home I felt awesome again. My pants were so wet and I had done that in the train! I tried to pee some more, but my bladder was all empty. No problem. Peeing on my bike was something I could do any other time, but in the train, like this, was something I would only do once in my entire life!…I think.

It was just the hornyness that took over, I have never had that in such a huge way ever since. I still must have the video somewhere. I don’t have it in my store, because it just had too much emotional value. I wasn’t filming it for others, just for myself. But now, a few years later, I have made so many peeclips and I am actually really proud of this first one and would definitely want to show it to others. But… chaotic me 🙁 I don’t know where the SD card is anymore. (I didn’t throw it away, so I will find it someday!)

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7 thoughts on “Peeing on the train and filming it”

  1. Wow I’ll bet it was such an amazing time ? it would have made my day if I could have seen this happening ? I’ve often fantasized about seeing a woman loose control of her bladder in a buss/train ? such a great turn on ?

      1. Hey Joe,

        it was one of the first. I think it was the first that I recorded on camera (an old cellphone back then). It was very scary. That is why it’s so exciting. I had wanted to do it for a long time but never dared to. That day, I just managed to do it. It was the beginning of making clips in a way. I found it so arousing (and still do) that I started my clipstore.

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