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Pee Story: Tiny Bathrooms

Tiny Bathrooms

When I was about 18-19 years old, I went camping with several science groups from university. We were all sleeping in big tents for 20 people each, lying next to each other on the floor. I had my sleeping bag zipped open like a blanket, because it was warm and I liked to stick my leg out at times to cool down a little.

It was a rather boring group in terms of partying, which they did not want us to do on the camping site anyway. So after a few glasses of wine (the guys had some beers) we went to bed pretty early to start our science project the next morning.

I had just fallen asleep – or even slept for a while, I did not know for sure – when I heard a whisper next to me. It was a guy. I couldn’t see him and didn’t recognize the voice. We had all just met for the first time and he could have been anyone.

“Shhh, are you free?”

I ignored it and nothing further happened. Then, a few minutes later, I had slept again, I felt someone next to me, pulling down my sleeping boxers. Half asleep, I was still trying to figure out what was going on when I heard a voice close to me, whispering once more:

“Shhh.. I am just going to the toilet. Don’t worry.”

My boxers were being gently removed by a rather big hand. Still not sure whether this was a dream or not, I kept silent and waited.

The hand that just removed my underwear over my feet, ran back up my leg and thigh and was softly stopped by my outer labia.

“Shhh… this is totally normal. Don’t worry. I only need to pee”

The hand went away and came back quickly. Now I felt something wet sliding down my genital lips, feeling at my “entrance”. The whispering continued

“Sorry to wake you up. This is nothing sexual. It’s quite normal when camping in groups. The girls often go to the toilets anyway, even at night. So it’s established that men can just load up their pee. I feel your bladder bulging already, so you would go soon, anyway.”

I maybe had a glass of wine too much, because I didn’t grasp it. While still thinking about the logic of it – I must admit it sounded natural – I felt a body leaning into mine. The hand took my thigh and lifted up my upper leg, until my knee came up and the sole of my foot stood on the floor.

“I’ll just quickly go to your toilet, you can continue to sleep. It will only take a minute”

I felt something big against my entrance. It felt like when I had sex and was being entered by male genitalia.

“This is not sex, it can’t get you pregnant, it’s really quite common. I will be done in a second. Ssshh, just sleep on”

He moved so slowly and gently, that I dozed off a little. But I felt something pushing inside of me. I was not taking contraception and started to worry a bit, but he whispered again:

“It’s okay, really. It’s being done all across camping sites all the time. It can’t get you pregnant as it’s not sexual. I am just using your tiny bathroom”

It felt really like something common the way he did it.

“Think about it, it’s ecological as well. You go to the toilet anyway and you just take mine with you. That way we only flush once. It’s a good thing”

I felt something really hot inside me and a little pressure. A slight moan reached my ear

“Hmmmm ohhhh… it’s good”

He just went in and did that. He did not move in and out, so I believed that it was supposed to be like that. It was really not like sex. Saving the economy was part of our science project as well, so this felt right.

“I am done, I’ll flush your tiny toilet now”

He went all the way in and started gently rubbing my clitoris.

“It’s best to relax. You can just sleep again, I can finish my bathroom visit on my own”

He rubbed me gently. It was arousing. I felt the pressure from my own bladder increase, as well as the pressure inside my vagina. I had never felt anything like it and before I knew, a sensational feeling rushed through my body. I felt my genitals throbbing and my face got really warm. Muscles were moving out of my control. Then it faded away again and left me feeling very relaxed.

“Okay, you are flushed now. I just need to wipe and clean myself up. I am nearly done. Sorry that I took a little longer, it’s different to estimate how the tiny bathrooms react.”

His penis left me. I heard a little noise, like plastic ripping. Then a bit of movement and he was back. Pushing into me. It went really easy this time, I barely felt it.

“I’ll get us cleaned up now, you can go to sleep again. Really no need to be awake. Thank you for being open tonight”

He started slowly moving in and out of me. I started thinking that this maybe was just an excuse to have sex with me, just when he whispered.

“Remember, I don’t have any sexual interest. Just protecting the environment by having you take my urine to the toilet and wiping without toilet paper”

I started dreaming. I felt really tired after that sensational feeling from earlier. Before I left for dreamland, I felt him rocking and pulsating inside of me. A final whisper:

“We are all cleaned up now. You can turn into free position now. You know, lying on the side like you did earlier means open, lying with one knee bent upwards means occupied. Everyone knows it. It’s the international sign code for tiny bathrooms. I’ll be in …”

I didn’t hear the rest. I slept wonderfully.

In the years that passed, I often thought about how logical and green this solution was. It was good that people would use this on camping sites to save toilet paper and water. I would assume open position quite often and although I sometimes woke up in “occupied” position, I never noticed anyone using my tiny bathroom again. It never got me pregnant, so I believe the guy.

The End
written by Sinna 18jun-2015
© 2pee4you,

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Someone explaining foot fetish and toilet (pee and poop) fetishes

Found here:

Author: Roger

To fetishize something is to give it sexual power or valence, Many men find the breasts and buttocks of women (or men, if they are homosexually inclined) sexually arousing, and since our culture sees this interest as common, it isn’t considered strange. In other cultures, other parts of the body are found to be stimulating; in some African groups a woman’s breasts have little power to excite but the inside of the thigh is considered powerfully sexual.

Foot fetishism, in which a partner’s feet excite, is the commonest of the unusual sexual arousal areas. Your question is, perhaps, how can feet, which to most people have no romantic or sexual associations, be stimulating? The answer must involve the fetishist’s psychosexual development. Since feet are usually covered, they have some of the allure of body parts not usually exposed, but more than simple looking is involved. There is an element of the outré, the forbidden, the bizarre that comes into play. That is to say, the strangeness of the notion is itself a stimulus, the way some people find odd behavior in sex arousing.

Moreover, foot fetishism is a stimulus that comes partly at the expense of dealing with more conventionally and directly sexual parts of the body–vagina / penis, breasts, buttocks. A foot fetish, in some individuals who have sexual urges but feel uncomfortable with them, may be both safe and dangerous: safe because the desire is transferred to a non-threatening part of the body (a foot fetishist does not have to worry about the usual kind of sexual performance) and dangerous since feet readily respond to touch–they are ticklish and are sensitive to the degree, if not in the usual way, that sexual areas are sensitive. In this way conventional sex, which the fetishist finds scary, is both avoided and confronted, engaged with and not engaged with simultaneously. It keeps the fetishist “safe” while allowing release.

Of course, other areas of the body could also be fetishized.

Persons who find urinating and defecating stimulating are probably more deeply stressed than foot fetishists. Since sexual activity occurs in the regions of the body also responsible for micturating and voiding, the two are, in early childhood, associated. Most adults separate erotic feeling and voiding the bowels or bladder, seeing the former as sexual and other as merely functional and of little emotional interest. For a young child, controlling feces and urine are part of emotional development; mastery over them is a sign of maturity. However, some adults, for reasons connected to their early treatment and consequent development, do not make this distinction; for them urinating and defecating retain emotional power.

This is as far as I can figure. Some of what I have written comes from thinking about these matters independently but for the paragraph about urinating and defecating, I thought about a study I read of Adolf Hitler by Walter C. Langer. Hitler found being defecated on sexually stimulating; according to Langer in his youngest years Hitler’s parents treated him in such an way that emotionally he was unable to accept the physical facts about birth and sexual relations and thought, in a primitive childish way, that babies were born through the anus. Obviously, in Hitler’s case these confusions and arrested development expressed themselves in ways that had consequences beyond simply his own psychological case history.

Sorry this was so long. I wrote it partly to think about these issues myself.

via Can someone please explain feet,toilet (pee and poop) fetishes?.

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