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Pee Story: Tiny Bathrooms

Tiny Bathrooms When I was about 18-19 years old, I went camping with several science groups from university. We were all sleeping in big tents for 20 people each, lying next to each other on the floor. I had my sleeping bag zipped open like a blanket, because it was warm and I liked to […]

Swimsuit wetting Movie! – Lost in excitement

Lost in excitement: The most intimate experience of a girl in a swimsuit, full bladder masturbating and edging with vibrator play, orgasming, wetting, bedwetting, selfpeeing, reaching horny pee ecstasy right before your eyes You know what’s best about my pee fetish since birth? I am just so aroused by it naturally. Where others have to […]

Free download of massive bedwetting

‘HD’ ‘massive bedwetting’ (links to the clip description in my clips4sale store) This 10 minute clip normally costs $11.99, but for my fans it’s free today. I invite you to look around and if you want to buy any clips, feel welcome to visit my studio. (444.8 Mb) Downloaded times You can also download it in […]

Someone explaining foot fetish and toilet (pee and poop) fetishes

Found here: Author: Roger To fetishize something is to give it sexual power or valence, Many men find the breasts and buttocks of women (or men, if they are homosexually inclined) sexually arousing, and since our culture sees this interest as common, it isn’t considered strange. In other cultures, other parts of the body are […]