First Bulk clips at massively reduced $5 / clip – Collectors editions

Collectors Editions

I have entered a new partnership. I can now offer you bulk editions of my clips. The First 3 editions are up. As a good collector wants to have everything from beginning to end, I started with my very first pee and wetting clips from February 2013.

You can buy all the clips from that month in one package for a discounted (massively discounted) price of only $5 / clip.

I didn’t plan on continuing to be this cheap, but for now the March editions are up for $5 / clip as well. It’s unbelievable, but payment procesing doesn’t allow to go much higher right now and I had already put the clips up.

So it’s your advantage.

Go to my profile here and add the bundles to your cart as soon as you can:

Sinna’s clips at incredicle collectors discounts

For true collectors, I will add more in the future.

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