New store browsing experience

Tired of the clips4sale’s search not showing you what you were looking for?

Or maybe you didn’t even know that the c4s search does not show the correct results for multiple search words?

Maybe you missed out on many of my clips that the search just didn’t dig up for you!

I now have a solution and you should search my store again here:

My new c4s catalog with awesome search

  • All video versions in one place. Only one video displayed, no mess!
  • Search much better
  • Checkout still on c4s. It’s just a better storefront

Try it now

And tell me what it’s like. It’s still a test! Of course using that new store front does not cost you anything. Your orders are still fulfilled by c4s.


You run a c4s store and want this too?

Click here to get a 10% discount on the monthly price.

Backups of your store’s descriptions, keywords and other info included. You can even back up your preview pictures and gifs!

The store is created automatically within seconds. You don’t have to do anything!

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