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I sell goods again and an update on my current clipstores

Items on auction / sale again Yes, I have good payment options now! I am accepting Credit Cards, although you have to navigate to my payments site to pay. It’s a little stupid, but I don’t have my own system yet. I can also accept a paxum e-wallet payment and bitcoin directly on my checkout page. […]

Pee Videos Updated and Improved

Pee Video Host Down since one of my videohosts went down / changed name (videobam -> sendvids), a lot of my pee videos were gone. If something like this happens again, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Your (sexual) satisfaction is very important to me 🙂 To prevent this from happening in the future, I […]

Swimsuit wetting Movie! – Lost in excitement

Lost in excitement: The most intimate experience of a girl in a swimsuit, full bladder masturbating and edging with vibrator play, orgasming, wetting, bedwetting, selfpeeing, reaching horny pee ecstasy right before your eyes You know what’s best about my pee fetish since birth? I am just so aroused by it naturally. Where others have to […]

Free download of massive bedwetting

‘HD’ ‘massive bedwetting’ (links to the clip description in my clips4sale store) This 10 minute clip normally costs $11.99, but for my fans it’s free today. I invite you to look around and if you want to buy any clips, feel welcome to visit my studio. (444.8 Mb) Downloaded times You can also download it in […]

More Updates

I have enabled previews! The previews in my clips4sale store are active again. Watch as many 10 second snippets as you like. They mostly show the time from 10-20secs of a clip where the action is not fully on yet. So make sure to purchase your favorite clips right away. It’s easier! The first auction […]