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I sell goods again and an update on my current clipstores

Items on auction / sale again

Yes, I have good payment options now! I am accepting Credit Cards, although you have to navigate to my payments site to pay. It’s a little stupid, but I don’t have my own system yet. I can also accept a paxum e-wallet payment and bitcoin directly on my checkout page.

I know that the billing address form looks a little messed up, but it should work. I don’t have the skills and time at the moment to fix that.

I’ll be adding more interesting items this month. Sadly, I only ship to certain European countries. Why? Because it’s too risky and expensive to ship elsewhere. I know from receiving U.S, items that orders get lost and customs tax applies. It’s too risky for me to send to the U.S. at the moment. Sorry.

Countries I feel confident shipping to:

Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom (UK)

Shipping is Euro 10 and includes packaging and handling.

New Clipstore opened

I just opened a clipstore on Manyvids. After a lot of back and forth emailing and solving issues, I am finally confident to tell you about it.

I always try to keep prices across my stores, so don’t worry about that. It’s an addition to my c4s stores. I am testing it this month.

I will always keep my two c4s stores 2pee4you and 2much4you open for you.

No more iWantClips store updates

I have pretty much shut down my iWantClips store because it was not really worth it and they now added a 8 second pre-video to all my clips, branding my items with their own logo. I don’t approve of that but they say it’s a done deal.

I think it’s great for them, because every pirated video on (tube) sites will be advertisement for them now. It’s a smart move, but selling it to me as a piracy protection measure feels a little weird, as every pirated video now gives them free advertising.

The number of visitors and different issues were a problem there as well (for me personally), so I deleted over 1000 clips and just leave the store there to see what updates they come up with in the future. Sorry to my few customers there.

No more yezzclips store updates

I uploaded many clips to this month as well. A very scat heavy site that I actually have a clipstore on since a few years already. I earned just below $20 for the whole month there, so I will quit on that one, too. I need all the time I can get to make clips and update my stores and projects anyway. If you like scat, you can still support me by going there using my links.

For reading until here, you get to see this:

leggings wetting front


I also would LOVE to cam more. I really miss it. I think I’ll need to find a fixed day and time for it. You’ll be notified of course 🙂

Pee Videos Updated and Improved

Pee Video Host Down

since one of my videohosts went down / changed name (videobam -> sendvids), a lot of my pee videos were gone. If something like this happens again, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Your (sexual) satisfaction is very important to me 🙂

To prevent this from happening in the future, I have decided to host a portion of the pee videos myself. You are welcome to contribute to the Server costs:
Send Sinna a 20$ Contribution

Pee Videos now Public and Private

You will find a public pee videos section now (added new videos as well!):

Public Videos

And a private pee videos section for registered users only:

Private Videos

Buy my Pee Videos to support your favorite amateur pee girl (:P)

I will add new pee videos as long as I can afford it. To keep me able to produce so many naughty clips and even offer some for free, you can visit my studio and buy a few of your favorites. It would show a lot of appreciation and be a wonderful gesture as well as a sexy gift to yourself 🙂

Visit my Clips4Sale studio


Visit my iWantClips studio

There are a few more clips in my c4s studio, other than that, the content is the same!


Preparing for the double 600ml clip

Behind the Scenes

You probably saw one of my new clips, where I am desperate at a job interview and fill up two cups. I really needed to pee when I started the preparations for this clip. Not knowing if I would burst before I could get to make the clip, I let the camera record my preparations as well. Here is a short clip from behind the scenes:


‘HD’ ‘Business woman desperate to pee at job interview, pantyhose, crossed legs, classy heels, extreme desperation – barely made it by filling two 600ml cups just in time’

A classy woman, shiny heels, black pantyhose, skirt and white blouse, sitting at a job interview.

Is she just nervous or does she need to pee? Her fidgeting is increasing. Crossed legs, foot bouncing, you think she is sitting there with a very full bladder. While the interview is going pretty well, her state of urgency gets worse by the second.

When the interviewer leaves for a minute, something incredible happens. The woman takes her drink, empties it with big gulps, then puts the cup to her pantyhose – not wearing panties underneath – and let’s out a powerful stream of hot piss, quickly filling up the 600ml cup.

The cup is full but she is not done yet, she needs to pee so much more!

Desperate for a solution, she takes the cup of the job interviewer.. and fills that up as well! Another 600ml. It’s barely big enough to hold the second load of all her pee.

This was a close call…Rubbing away the pee from the floor, she is just hoping that the guy won’t drink from his cup… he is back.

She got the job 🙂

Price: $14.99 Length: 11 minutes

Buy Now

Swimsuit wetting Movie! – Lost in excitement

Lost in excitement: The most intimate experience of a girl in a swimsuit, full bladder masturbating and edging with vibrator play, orgasming, wetting, bedwetting, selfpeeing, reaching horny pee ecstasy right before your eyes

Buy Now

You know what’s best about my pee fetish since birth? I am just so aroused by it naturally. Where others have to act and work their way through a clip they often find disgusting, I am doing what turns me on. You can see and feel the difference in excitement, special intimacy and unique character which make my clips extraordinary. On top of it I am a naughty young pee girl and being able to get totally aroused by pee leads to clips like these, where a basic idea turns into a full blown pee festival. I just got lost in my horny feelings.

I was about to do a relaxing bedwetting in my swimsuit for Dave. Instead, I made a naughty extended full bladder masturbation hold, desperation, edging, vibrator stimulating, omorashi, bedwetting, selfpeeing, orgasming, squirting, peeing, smiling, turning all red from arousal, personal Sinna movie for everyone. It was the first time I did edging so much, where I masturbate until I am about to come, but then stop.

I did it several times, building up a very powerful orgasm. And I did it with a full bladder, hard and hurting in my belly. Overcoming the bursting bladder feeling made the edging even more intense. You can join me and we edge together for half an hour, until a huge explosion overwhelms us 🙂

At the end, there is the swimsuit wetting and the bedwetting. So much pee. You could judge it from my belly bulge, right?

This looks like it could have been a record amount had I measured it. Wave after wave of warm pee flows through the swimsuit.

Every time you think I could be empty, I pee more on myself and the bed. It’s amazing and I don’t think you can get anything as intimate anywhere else.

Just download, make sure you got an hour to yourself, get comfortable and hit play. You know stroking your hard cock will make you orgasm like always, but with my clip you can edge play your way to an absolute incredible power orgasm. Then watch me pee play and get hard again, fire another load. I heard it’s difficult, but this movie will arouse you in a way that you can do it. I will pick you right up and make you have that incredible feeling again. Not only will you feel great, but you will have seen something that only few will ever be able to watch and you can watch it again as often as you like, easily awaken your cock and make yourself happy very quickly, any time you like.

Price: $59.99 USD Length: 57 minutes

Buy Now

Free download of massive bedwetting

‘HD’ ‘massive bedwetting’ (links to the clip description in my clips4sale store)


This 10 minute clip normally costs $11.99, but for my fans it’s free today. I invite you to look around and if you want to buy any clips, feel welcome to visit my studio.

Start free download: 'HD' 'Massive bedwetting' (444.8 Mb)

Downloaded 205 times

You can also download it in even higher quality on here: 

More Updates

I have enabled previews!

The previews in my clips4sale store are active again. Watch as many 10 second snippets as you like. They mostly show the time from 10-20secs of a clip where the action is not fully on yet. So make sure to purchase your favorite clips right away. It’s easier!

The first auction has started

I have enabled the first auction of a used jeans that you could have seen in many of my clips. I used to wet it frequently. It’s still in good shape, have a look!

Working all day on the styling, I hope you like the new auction product display and info. I know it’s difficult to read at times, but it should be okay. I made the bidding easier and more obvious. So have a go! Not that there is a +10Euro shipping and 2% packaging/handling fee on top of each order.

You can pay with Paxum, Bitcoin (only up to 80 Euro) and -c- (Credits that are a currency on this site). I try to enable the option of buying -c- as fast as I can. One -c- will be around 0.20 Euro.

Exclusive newsletter

Subscribe to my exclusive newsletter! I have made a list of preferences (look to the right) so you won’t receive any pictures that you don’t like. Only want to get material and info about clothed wetting? No problem! Want to get all my updates? Just select all the preferences. You can always change your settings later in your profile. There is a newsletter page now, additional to the widget. It out to display a lot of things, but it’s not working 100% yet. I have to test it 🙂

Please note that I just set this all up :O

Video Forum

There is a video forum now. The forum handles embeds from youtube (and other sites) automatically. So if you post a youtube link like I did here, it will show the video in your post.

I know that there is rarely any pee on youtube, but I think it will be easy to get other videos embedded as well. I will have a go at that soon 🙂


Hello my dear visitor, fan, friend, supporter, customer and everyone else,

Static page gone

As you can see, the static page is gone. You will be greeted by new updates from now on 🙂

Newsletter with exclusive content

You can now subscribe to my newsletter by using the form on the right. Set your preferences so that you will only receive updates to topics that interest you. Is your preference not listed? Just contact me at and I can add it for you (if it’s a big enough category).
Make sure to check your spam folder for my newsletter! It will be sent from Allow that address in your email settings.

New site currencies

Ft are gone. There are now Tokens with the symbol =T= and Credits with the symbol -c-. Tokens will be given for purchases in my clips4sale store. They are the former Ft. All Ft you had have been converted into =T=. They are important for your ranking and the ranking decides which privileges you have on my site. You start unlocking privileges as soon as you register! Credits can be earned on the site and bought (soon) to use as payment means in my auctions.


Talking about ranking, you now have ranks. Your rank increases when you reach the minimum amount of Tokens needed for a higher rank. The lowest rank is User, the currently highest rank is Super User. All ranks increase your privileges on the site. It’s pretty cool to have privileges 🙂

Members Lounge

The list of privileges can be accessed through the Members Lounge from the “My account” menu. If you don’t see any text below a Rank heading, you don’t have the rank yet, so the content is not visible to you. If you DO have a rank but the privilege is not available, that is because I just quickly came up with the list. It’s not finished yet and suggestions are welcome. Use this Forum thread please.

Item auctions

You will be able to buy items from me soon. Can’t ship to the U.S. though 🙁 And I am still not clear on the payment provider, but I might be able to sell one item / day with bitcoins. I will keep you posted.


That is all for today I guess. You can leave comments below. Thank you for being here 🙂

New layout and design, adjusted reward system

Great News!

I have changed the design and layout of the site. There is also a new reward system and a lot of new ways to get interactive with the site. I will work on it every day now to make it a great experience for you.


You can earn a new kind of points now. Interaction credits (iC). You get them for doing stuff on my site, like writing product reviews, posting on the forum, even for logging in and many more instances.
Use all the features of my site and find out when you get iC and how much. At your convenience, convert them to Ft to spend in my reward studio ‘Trickle Treat’! I also have an affiliate system that grants you iC every time someone uses your referral link to create an account here at Go to My Account -> Profile to find your personal referral link.

Trickle Treat

This new reward studio is a place where you can order my clips and pay with a free currency – the Ft. Ft stands for free time and you can get Ft every time you order clips worth $20 or more in my clips4sale studio. Just enter the clip id# you receive from clips4sale for your order and enter it here.

Currently, there are only 4 clips in the trickle treat, but I have already uploaded over 60 to my new server and I have upgraded my bandwidth. So keep coming back for updates! And of course to get those iC for visiting my site regularly 🙂


Please note that the forum lost some user data, which led to many posts being mistakenly accredited to my account. I can’t see who the original posters were 🙁 Let’s just make the best of it and start new topics! The “subscribe” function now works, so I get notified of every forum update immediately. Fast replies assured! I also fixed the forum search!

It’s great to have you here!

XXX Sinna