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Preparing for the double 600ml clip

Behind the Scenes

You probably saw one of my new clips, where I am desperate at a job interview and fill up two cups. I really needed to pee when I started the preparations for this clip. Not knowing if I would burst before I could get to make the clip, I let the camera record my preparations as well. Here is a short clip from behind the scenes:


‘HD’ ‘Business woman desperate to pee at job interview, pantyhose, crossed legs, classy heels, extreme desperation – barely made it by filling two 600ml cups just in time’

A classy woman, shiny heels, black pantyhose, skirt and white blouse, sitting at a job interview.

Is she just nervous or does she need to pee? Her fidgeting is increasing. Crossed legs, foot bouncing, you think she is sitting there with a very full bladder. While the interview is going pretty well, her state of urgency gets worse by the second.

When the interviewer leaves for a minute, something incredible happens. The woman takes her drink, empties it with big gulps, then puts the cup to her pantyhose – not wearing panties underneath – and let’s out a powerful stream of hot piss, quickly filling up the 600ml cup.

The cup is full but she is not done yet, she needs to pee so much more!

Desperate for a solution, she takes the cup of the job interviewer.. and fills that up as well! Another 600ml. It’s barely big enough to hold the second load of all her pee.

This was a close call…Rubbing away the pee from the floor, she is just hoping that the guy won’t drink from his cup… he is back.

She got the job 🙂

Price: $14.99 Length: 11 minutes

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