Pee Videos Updated and Improved

Pee Video Host Down

since one of my videohosts went down / changed name (videobam -> sendvids), a lot of my pee videos were gone. If something like this happens again, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Your (sexual) satisfaction is very important to me 🙂

To prevent this from happening in the future, I have decided to host a portion of the pee videos myself. You are welcome to contribute to the Server costs:
Send Sinna a 20$ Contribution

Pee Videos now Public and Private

You will find a public pee videos section now (added new videos as well!):

Public Videos

And a private pee videos section for registered users only:

Private Videos

Buy my Pee Videos to support your favorite amateur pee girl (:P)

I will add new pee videos as long as I can afford it. To keep me able to produce so many naughty clips and even offer some for free, you can visit my studio and buy a few of your favorites. It would show a lot of appreciation and be a wonderful gesture as well as a sexy gift to yourself 🙂

Visit my Clips4Sale studio


Visit my iWantClips studio

There are a few more clips in my c4s studio, other than that, the content is the same!


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  1. Kevin Haroldson September 21, 2015 at 8:03 pm Permalink

    I’ll just have to check all that . As I enjoy watching you pee & then play with your very wet pussy 7 clit . Till you make yourself cum. In having some naughty fun that way 😉 😉

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