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Pee Story: Wet Dream

Wet dream?

I had a good time at a festival. Listening to some bands, I drank some beers and enjoyed the music. After about 3 beers I needed to pee badly. I went to the women toilet area and there were long lines in front of every toilet. Thinking I could maybe hold it in long enough, I went to what I thought was the shortest line.

It went slow. After about 10 minutes, only 3 women had gotten in and there were about 25 more in front of me. Desperate to pee with a visible bulge under my top, I went to search for an alternative. I went around back where I found some bushes and trees along a road. Obviously, lots of people had been pissing here before me. There also seemed to be very few traffic on the road, so it was the ideal place to go. I did not waste time to search for the best spot. I pretty much pulled down my panties frm under my short skirt at the nearest tree and let it out.

And boy did I need to pee. A thick, powerful jet shot out, carving a small ditch into the mud. The piss foamed and splashed around and I was so relieved from the huge eruption of my warm nectar vulcano that I did not notice a car stopping at the road. I had peed for what felt like 3 minutes when I finally felt empty again. I wiped with a tissue and pulled up my panty. When I just wanted to head back, I heard a voice behind me:


I turned around. There were two police officers, a fairly young blond woman and a middle aged man, standing about 5 meters away at the road. The car behind them was a police car.

“Hello” I said. “What is wrong?”

“As you should know, it’s not allowed to publicly urinate, let alone throw away tissues like that”

“Are you serious?” I replied. “Look at how many pee puddles and tissues are lying around here. People even shit everywhere”

“It does not matter what others did. We caught you red handed. Make that yellow handed”. Laughter.

“So, what now?” I asked.

“You have to come over here and show some ID. Then we can process your fine”

I went to them. “A fine? Seriously? We are at a festival. The lines were so long!” I looked at the woman, expecting some sympathy. She looked away and the man continued:

“Yes. Such a behavior can not go unpunished if we want to stop people pissing and shitting everywhere they like. Show us your ID now please”

“I don’t have my ID with me. It’s in my tent at the campingsite.” I replied.

“Well, then you have to come with us to the station so we can determine who you are”

“Is that really necessary? Let’s just go to my tent” and I turned around and wanted to lead the way. Suddenly someone grabbed my wrist, bent my arm up against my back (which hurt!) and put handcuffs on me!! It was the male officer. He said “You are under arrest for fleeing from police when wanted for questioning and possible false indentity”

“What?! What are you doing, you have no right to arrest me. Are these even official charges? I just wanted to get my ID”

“We hear that all the time. Now come, it stinks of your piss here” and he grabbed me and pulled me towards the squadcar.

“I want to talk to a lawyer” I said.

“You can, but first, we need to get you to the station and find out who you are. Get in the car.”

I got in. What else could a young woman like me do in that situation. They also got in and we drove off.

They had me handcuffed behind my back and it hurt. The woman sat next to me on the backseat while the man was driving. It was silent for a minute, then I said to the woman “the handcuffs hurt, please, can you take them off? I won’t run away. I am stuck in the car anyways!”

The young woman turned to me, got close to my ear and whispered.

“No, honey. I need you restricted. Although I can put some lotion on your wrists so that it hurts less”

“Yes please” I said.

“Ok then” she replied and moved one arm behind my back to massage my wrists a bit. With her other hand she… WENT INTO HER PANTS?! What was going on??

She put her hand deep into her pants at the front and moaned softly into my ear while rubbing my wrists. After a while she took her hand out and three fingers were glistening. She put that hand behind my back as well and applied her pussy juice to my wrists.

“What are you doing?” I said.

“Is everything alright back there?” the driver said.

She replied “Yes, everything is fine. I can handle it” and she got out some tape from a bag in the back of the passanger seat. Ripping off a piece, she stuck it to my mouth like a kidnapper. I could not talk anymore! Then she put a black bag over my head. Talking about kidnapping..

After about 15 minutes in which absolutely nothing happened, the car stopped. The doors opened and people outside said “there you are”. “Where was I?”

Soon after, I was pulled out of the car by several hands, then carried by people sayig things like “uh, she is a nice one” “where did you find her?” “how old is she?” “is she blond?”.

No answers came, but I felt hands all over me. They squeezed my ass, checking how firm I was. Also my breasts were felt up.

“What was going on? Where am I? Are these really police officers?” I was wondering about so many things. And of course I grew scared.

After a short walk, I was put into what immediately felt like a cage. I moved around and it was indeed a pretty small cage where I just fit in, sitting on my heels and calves. A lot of time passed, I don’t know how much, but I started to feel the need to pee again. My bladder was filling up and I was somewhere in a cage. While wondering for the 50th time what just happened and what was going on, I was moved. The cage was carried somewhere. I would soon find out where.

The bag was removed from my head and I was kneeling in the dark. Still handcuffed and with tape across my mouth. I looked around and to my big surprise, there were two other girls there, just like me. Their cages were to the right and left of mine. There was light coming from hundreds of tiny holes above us and the “room” we were in just barely fit the three cages. Around as were metal walls and the ceiling was also made of metal, but with said holes in it.

We looked at each other with frightened looks. My eyes had adjusted to the light now as I noticed one of the girls rocking back and forth. In between the movements, I got a quick glimpse at her belly. She had a huge bulge. “Either shes pregnant or…” I thought, suddenly paying attention to my own urge again.

Voices. Someone was coming. “These meetings are so boring. Why would the chief have us all come to hear about these new traffic rules when he could have just sent an email?

“I agree. Sitting there and drinking coffee all day while we could be out on the road, earning the state some money. The chiefs methods are way out-dated”

“Policemen” I thought. I wanted to scream so that they would notice us, but I could not. So I hit my handcuffs against the cage, hoping they would hear it and investigate.

“Relax down there, it’s coming soon enough”

“Down there? It’s coming?” I thought. “So they know about me? How big is this kidnap scandal? What is coming?” while still thinking, I heard two zippers and then the sound of hard rain on a metal roof. I looked up and there were glistening drops forming at the holes where the light came through. All of a sudden, it started to rain down on us. I immediately recognized the smell from my secret pee adventures. Yes, this was definitely pee. And putting things together, I realized: we were below a men’s urinal tray where several men could pee at the same time standing next to each other.

After a brief golden shower, I was a bit wet but not too bad. The other girls had received a little more, as the men probably stood at the left and right sides of the tray, leaving room for each other.

“Was this the purpose all along?” I was thinking, as the police had picked me up behind a toilet area on a festival, fully knowing that ladies lines are long and women would go around to pee.

“Did they pick up those girls at the same festival?” I was thinking, scannig their wrists. Indeed. They were wearing the same camping wristband that I had.

“Poor girls” I thought. They were in their early twenties as well and I know how many female pee fetishists that age exist. As to my knowlege: none. I never met another girl into pee. Then again, I was not really advertising it either. I had told a friend once and she thought I needed treatment. Thinking about it, I was longing for treatment. Treatment like this.

One of my biggest fantasies was to be a living urinal. Actually, the combination of urinal and pee shower was perfect. I secretly smiled as the two men pulled their dicks in and left. This was going to be the best day of my life.

Soon enough, another guy came in. I did not even make myself noticable, as I assumed all the guys were in on this. After all, this whole room was built inside a police station. What was up with that anyhow? Was the old chief.. an old pervert? Or did he not kow that his men decided to spice up the meetings by pissing on some innocent girls? The guy peed on the girl left to me. It was just a dribble really.

I could see that she did not like it, as she tried to dodge it (which was futile, the tiny holes were everywhere). I got aroused by seeing that she had to endure it. I don’t know why, but I enjoyed it. Although I was a bit jealous that she got that one.

For the next two hours, guys would come in at random and pee on us. It was heaven for me. And there was another positive development. The tape on my mouth had been soaked so much that it lost it’s stickyness. I felt that it would fall off soon. Looking around, I saw that the girl on the right had no tape on her mouth anymore. The shy one on the left, who had been looking away from the pee, still had the tape firmly clinging to her face.

While checking on the girls I noticed that the one on the right gave me … well, I guess excited looks? I could not really judge confidently, as it was pretty dark and eyes only express so much. Maybe I wished that the looks were excited, that I had one companion disgusted by pee on the left and one aroused by it on the right, so that I could indulge in all the piss-sexual fantasies I wanted.

Anyways, the girl on the right had her mouth free, so maybe she would tear off my tape with her teeth. I had to try. Our cages were touching, so we could reach each other. It was pretty limited, but possible. When I made contact and tried to get closer to her, she did not seem to mind. Actually, she was also trying to get closer to me.

“Maybe she had the same idea and wants to help me” I thought.

At a given moment, we looked directly into each others eyes. Piss was dripping from the cross bars between us. I felt a beautiful sensation run through my body as I dared to make the move. I closed my eyes and put my mouth onto one of the square openings between the bars, so that she could reach the tape with her teeth. I waited like that, hoping she would respond. Pee drops were running down my cheek very slowly, tickling me. There it was. The tape was letting loose on the left, slowly being torn off across my mouth to the right. She was doing it! The slight pain reminded me that I also needed to pee very soon when suddenly, my thoughts were erased from this world.


Soft, wet lips with a slightly bitter and salty pee taste – the taste of the last guy to pee on her – were cautiously poking against mine. First I thought it as an accident, but the tape was still hanging from my cheek and there was no tension on it from pulling. She must.. “oh my god” I realized. Her goal was not just to help me, she was so aroused from the pee that she longed to kiss me!

I took a deep breath and smelled her scent. Lovely flowery scent mixed with pee. My nipples got instantly hard. I loved her smell and I wanted to love her. I pushed my face against the bars as far as I could, to be able to kiss her passionately. I felt how my panties got wet een before she was invading my mouth with her tongue. I immediately noticed that she had been snacking away at the golden juices offered to us. Her tongue tasted strongly of urine, something which would not have been the case if she had kept her mouth shut. It also made sense that her tape fell off first. She was into pee!

My heart raced. A beautiful girl with a smell to fall instantly in love with, big round breasts, sexy legs, an as to bite in, the most erotic eyes.. that girl was into pee. Into pee and into me. I could not believe my luck. “This day could not get any better” I thought. But it did.

We were kissing, our bladders still full, as she had also not peed yet. “Maybe she is into holding?” I dared to think, while our tongues met for a seductive dance around the pee drops. And then it happened.

Footsteps. Voices.

Not just two, not three. The doors swung open and they stayed open. I don’t know how many, but a big crowd of people came into the toilet. I heard something like “finally a break, I need to piss so badly” and then five or six zippers. Probably six, as two men could fit above each cage.

Still kissing, I opened my eyes. The girl was so romantic, as she did the same a second later. We understood each other already. Pee was starting to drip from her hair when we put our chins together and opened our mouths. Our tongues met again, but this time on an open air stage where it was about to rain gold. We kept our mouths open, joined at the lower lips, tongues playing as we received the longest, most arousing golden shower I ever had the pleasure to get. I lost count, but after the first six men, another and yet another group continued the peeing. I was wondering if the tray above was filling up with pee, as the holes were really very small. Thinking about all that pee still to come down on us drove me crazy.

Our clothes were soaked already. Totally wet from head to toe and in our case, even inside our mouths and pussies, I noticed a warmth at my legs. Not breaking the kiss, I felt with my fingers behind my back. The waterlevel – better said urinelevel – was rising. We were not only sitting in cages, but also in a big tub filling up with warm pee.

In hindsight, I could have been afraid of eventually being drowned in pee. But at that time, I was so distracted that the thought never crossed my mind. I was enjoying everything but the handcuffs.

The peeing and showers went on forever. The girl and I only had eyes for each other as the golden rain kept warming us up. Filling our mouths, we even exchanged pee, stirring it up with our tongues until one of us had to swallow. While playing these naughty pee games, I was rubbing my thighs against each other, desperately wanting to stimulate myself. Her kisses kept my mind shut out and by committing purely to feeling, I felt a huge orgasm coming. Moaning, throwing my hair around, moving my legs I could barely stay in touch with my new soulmate when the biggest wave of joy I had ever felt hit my whole body. My vagina heated up, I felt like burning down there and then I exploded, my body shaking uncontrollably. As I tried to stay in touch, I hit my head and even bit my tongue, our teeth hit, but I felt no pain. I was drugged by the best pee orgasm ever. Just when I felt the waves decrease in intensity she whispered, and I will never forget that “I can’t hold it anymore”.

A very loud hissing accompanied by her facial expression of eternal relief and moaning made my pleasure hormones go another round. I came again and this time, it was a double explosion.

Squirting, peeing and coming all at the same time, I barely noticed her wide open eyes staring right at me as she began to tremble, then shake, then scream an ear-deafening but yet most beautiful scream that quickly faded.


“Hey you, are you alright?” someone was pushing me at my shoulder. I opened my eyes. Bright sunlight was blinding me, but as my eyes adapted I started to see the shape of a young man. Seconds later I could see a black t-shirt with white letters “S E C U R I T Y”.

“Oh, yes.. uhm, I guess. Where am I?” I mumbled. “You are at the festival. It seemed like you were sleeping, but you could have been unconscious. I got out your wallet without you waking up. Don’t worry, I just needed to see your ID.” he held my ID up and offered me my wallet and a bottle. “Here, have some water. Do you need medical attention?”

“I..uhm” I did not know. I was so aroused and pretty certain that I was soaked with piss of a hundred men. I felt my hair disguised as a random gesture. My hair was dry!

“I think someone might have drugged me” I said, as I could not explain what had happened.

“I see. I that case, I am obligated to take you to a medic. In your case, our female medic. We take reports of drugging very serious and you have to be thoroghly examined. Come.” and he offered me a hand to pull me up. Still a bit confused, I took the offer and he brought me to the big medic tent inside the festival area. On his radio, he broadcasted “taking possible drug victim to medic, john, please cover the 23-8 for a minute. Guys, keep your eyes open for knocked out girls”

We arrived at the tent. “Wait here” he said and pointed to a chair. I sat down and he went inside. A minute later, a young lady came out, an assistent nurse. She brought me water and a coldpack for my head, saying “Hello! I am Maya. I will take care of you for the time of your visit. You can ask me anything. The doctor will be ready in a few minutes”

“Hi Maya. I don’t know what happened. I thought that I had gone to the toilet but then I woke up were I sat before. I only had three beers and I was feeling fine” I said, not mentioning my crazy dream.

“Oh, so maybe you were drugged. We had a few incidents the last two days. It kinda happens on every festival. It’s a shame, really. The security is very attentive though, I hope they find the guys soon.” she replied. Then she went to the tent “Let me just check if the doctor is ready yet”.

After a minute or so she came back “Ok…” she looked at my ID in her hand, turning it around she continued “…Sinna. You can come with me now.”

I got up and followed her inside the tent. The security guy left when I entered and I heard his radio “John, I’ll be back at 23-8 in one minute”

I followed Maya. She wore a short white nurse’s coat and thigh high white stockings. White ballet flats and a red bow in her hair completed her outfit. She had beautiful curves and a phenomenal ass. Just so you know what I was following. We arrived at a seperate container inside the tent. A small three step ladder led to the door which was open. White light was shining through, interrupted by Mayas body that was now stepping inside. I followed her.

Momentarily blinded by the glaring neon lights, I could quickly identify the inside of the container as a mobile doctor’s office.

The doctor was standing at a table, her back facing us. She was writing something.

“Maya, could you shut the door and prepare the blood pressure gauge? Also, clean the chair please” the doctor said in a very friendly voice that somehow made me feel good. I was already certain that she would be very nice to me.

“Yes ma’am” Maya replied subserviant, but with a smile. I guess she liked her boss as well.

“Ok Sinna” the doctor turned around. “What can I help you with?”

Red high heels, sheer pantyhose, short white skirt, thin red belt and white loose blouse that showed the outlines of a lace bra that was generously filled with her big breasts. No nail polish or make-up though. Judging from her face, she was

“WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT??? OH MY GOD!!!” I was flabbergasted, I was so shocked, my heart raced and sweat came out of every pore in my body.

It was her.

Just when I had convinced myself that all this had been a dream, with my ID suddenly being in my wallet and my hair and clothes dry, inexplicable reality hit me right in the face. The hot (excuse me) doctor was the girl from the right cage. The one I had been kissing with so passionately. The pee lover.

My soulmate.

“Are you alright?” She asked, but quickly shouted “Maya, prepare shock kit, patient is unstable”

“Nono, I am alright, it’s just…” I tried to speak

“Go on, stay with us” she replied, putting a syringe at the bend of my ellbow. As she shot in the drug, I could hear me say “I know you”, then I fell asleep.

To be continued?

The End
written by Sinna 10feb-2014
© 2pee4you, www.sexysinna.com

Pee Story: Ways to enjoy

Passionate lesbian seduced me into first time bedwetting together

I got to know this girl two weeks ago. We were dancing together in a group. Then it was her birthday and she invited me. It was very nice of her. The party was great and because I came from further away than anyone else, I was offered a place to sleep. She told me that I could share her double size bed with her, because her boyfriend was abroad for work.

I did not mind, as I had done that many times before with other girls, even cuddling up and feeling protected by each other. After the last guests had left, I was pretty tipsy already. She also had had some drinks, but not as many as I had. After all, she had to be able to provide for her guests all the time. So we went to bed. Her bedroom was in the basement and there was an old wooden stove spending light and warmth. I immediately felt very good about it.

On her bed there were some sheep furs, very soft and cozy. We changed into our pajamas. I did not look what she did, but I took off my panty as I always like to be naked underneath a soft silky fabric. I got in bed first, as she was putting another log into the fire. Rolling on my side, I felt her pulling up the blanket and getting underneath. Soon after, I felt her cold feet on the calf of my back leg. She immediately pulled it back and said “sorry”.

The cold had shaken me up a bit, but I replied “oh, no problem”. She said “You are warmed up already. Can I spoon with you until I get warmer?” not finding that a crazy idea at all, as we girls often cuddle, I said “yes, of course. Come here”

She rolled over and clinged to me tightly, putting her arms around me so that I was lying on her upper arm while her other arm was holding my chest, just below my perky breasts. Of course I could feel her tits against my back. They were pretty big and soft.

“good night” I said “good night, thanks for coming” she replied. “No problem, it is my pleasure.”

I felt my bladder stretching and being very full at that time already, but you know how it is. Just having gotten under that blanket and warmed up, I did not want to stray through the basement looking for a toilet. “I can hold it until tomorrow” were my last thoughts before I fell asleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night because I REALLY had to pee so badly. My friend was still tied up around me. Slightly panicking, I wanted to pull the blanket back quickly and get upstairs. At least I knew where the toilet was there, as opposed to the basement. With thoughts already at the toilet, I noticed that I couldn’t move my hands very far. I seemed to be stuck at my wrists! What was going on?

While I still wondered, I heard a soft, female voice whispering in my ear, nibbling gently at my earlobe in between words “it’s ok Sinna. You are safe with me. I tied your hands to the bed” “what?? why??” I replied anxiously. “Pssst” she hissed to indicate that I should lower my voice.

“You fell asleep instantly. I was rubbing your cute belly when I noticed that you had a big bulge that was steadily increasing in size. I suppose you need to pee?”

“Yes, but I can’t go with my hands tied to the bed. Is that a joke?”

“No, my dear Sinna. And I hope that you forgive me for this. I am attracted to your belly and huge bladder and I just want to keep you here with that beautiful bulge.”

As she said that, I noticed that indeed, there had been some movement at my lower back. Thinking about it, I just wanted to dismiss it as random sensation when a juicy wet tongue barely touched my neck and the girl was moaning with pleasure.

“Oh my god, she is masturbating!!” I realized.

The moaning got louder quickly and with the most sexy intonation I had ever “felt” she whispered right in my ear “I… am.. exploding.. against you… Sinna” she trembled and moaned loudly now and I could hear loud hissing. My back got very warm all of a sudden and I heard what seemed to be the sound of water shooting out somewhere. The side I lay on felt wet now and it seemed to spread through my pajamas, making me warm everywhere.

“What was that?” I asked. “I also needed to pee. I just could not hold it in. Sorry, but I emptied my bladder against your back and into my bed just now. But isn’t it nice and warm?”

“Yes, but…” I mumbled, when she interrupted me: “No buts today, Sinna. I will help you. Tying your hands was the first step. Now the bed and your pajamas are already wet, so there is nothing you need to worry about, for example this” and I felt her very wet hand creeping under my pajamas and slightly into my pants. I thought she wanted to touch my pussy, but instead, I felt huge pressure on my bladder. She was pushing down on my bulge!

“No please, I really need to pee” I shouted “Don’t worry dear. Calm down, concentrate on the good feelings” she somehow was right. The pressure made me feel uncomfortable, but there was a pleasant tingle in my peehole that I could concentrate on. Still, I felt that it was wrong peeing anywhere else than in a toilet. “Please let me go, I am bursting” I wept. “I know Sinna, I know” she whispered very calmly and released the pressure on my bladder, keeping her hand on my stomach.

The blanket was pulled up slightly, letting in some fresh air that gave me goosebumps and made my nipples stand up. She pulled out her arm from under my head and was moving upwards against my back. Soon after, she had rolled over me and was now lying in front of my. We were facing each other. She stuck her head in between my bound arms and hugged me, pushing one of her legs in between my thighs, so that it touched me “down there”. Then she grabbed me very tightly. I got wet at the front, as her wet clothing was touching mine. We lay in a puddle of liquid that was still nice and warm. Her face was very close to mine when she said “May I kiss you long and passionately?” and her lips were teasingly and briefly touching up against mine.

Somehow, the whole situation felt so intimate and special that I embraced the atmosphere. I was in the mood for passion and definitely kissing. So without giving a verbal answer, I pushed my head a bit forward and our lips touched permanently. She had soft lips and wow, she was a good kisser. Her breasts were pushing against my erect nipples which, combined with her incredible lip and tongue movements, aroused me more than I had ever been before. Had I not been entirely wet around my body, I would have felt it in my pants now. On the inside, I knew that my fluids were running all about my genitals. I really got lost in the moment and totally relaxed.

I gave myself to her as she led me with her slightly dominant but oh so gentle mouth to new dimensions of passion. Girl passion it was and there was something else that I did not notice at that moment. While conquering my mind with her lust, inducing her horny ecstasy into my blood, she was slowly increasing the pressure on my belly again. At the point where I suddenly noticed it, it was already too late. I could not control it at all. She knew exactly what she was doing. Immediately when I started to pee freely and without any chance to hold it back, she released the kiss, put her cheek on mine, pulled her body against me and her top leg around me. When she also started to pee and we were essentially pissing into each others crotch, she whispered into my ear “we are one now” and she was right. Not through penetration, but through our combined streams of hot pee that no one could separate now. No one could tell which was which any more, as we were one entity of passion, surrounded by a lake of joy.

Something snapped. My hands were free. She had cut me loose. “Hold me” she said “don’t let me go” and I did. There was nothing I wanted more. After a long hug, we started to kiss passionately and wildly, eventually rolling around in the pee, our hands went to explore our bodies until the morning, when we, meanwhile both naked, rolled up in a tight cuddle. “You can go pee now if you still want to” she said, as we smiled at each other exhausted. I gave her a kiss, whispered “thank you” into her ear “I’m fine” and we both fell asleep.

The End
written by Sinna 3feb-2014
© 2pee4you, www.sexysinna.com

Biography Part I: Why I am Sinna – The Beginning

My first memories are from when I was a very young girl. Maybe 2 or 3 years old. I could do without diapers at a very young age (my parents told me). What my parents did not know (I believe they never found out) is that I secretly loved to pee on the carpet floor in my childhood bedroom. I can not guarantee that these first memories are completely accurate, because these are such old memories that I am not sure if maybe fantasy might have changed the thoughts that I have of how things truly happened to me. But I will try to describe what I remember as honest as I can.

The first memory that I have of being interested in pee, is a memory of me in the bathtub, playing with a tiny pink dollcup. I was wondering what pee would taste like and I was old enough to know that it would be very naughty to try tasting it. The thought of how naughty it would be, gave me an exiting feeling and that made me want to try it even more. I must have been very young, because my mother was still with me while I was taking a bath. I am not totally sure, but I think I remember how the thought came up in my mind for the first time, when my mother left me alone for a second to go get a towel or something and I wanted to try it then, but I was too afraid that my mother might come back and catch me in the act, so I did not. After that the thought did not leave my head anymore and the next chance that I got, I peed into the small pink cup and put it to my mouth. It smelled quite strongly and because of that, I was a bit afraid to taste it. I tried just a very very very little bit. So little, that I did not know if I really had tasted it after that. So I had to try again. I really did not like the strange salty taste and I had a very guilty feeling after I had done this, but the naughtyness and secrecy of doing it also made me want to try again. It felt brave and proud in a strange kind of way when I one time drank the entire cup. I think every child is curious about the taste of pee at some age and I do not think that trying tasting it was really abnormal, but the way it felt for me and how I still remember it, trying to catch my pee with the cup and not liking the taste, but still wanting to taste more of it, I think that was really something special. To me it feels like my pee fetish is something that I have been born with and this was the first sign of it.

Around the same time, I liked to pee on the floor in my room instead of in the toilet. This was different then the drinking. This was not out of curiosity. It was just because it felt so nice to see the pee create a stain on the carpet, where people were not supposed to pee on. I also liked the feeling of doing something that I was not allowed to, but it was much more than that. I knew how dangerous it was and how my mother probably would notice the smell and find out some day. I really did not want that to happen, but I just could not help myself. It just felt so nice that I had to do it every once in a while. I used a spot in the corner of my room. The carpet in my room was dark blue. You could not see the pee on it after it had dried and the wet pee you would only see if you were looking for it. Of course I felt afraid that my parents would discover my secret, but since they did not seem to notice anything I dared to pee more and more every time. Maybe I subconsciously wanted my parents to find out and just wanted to get more attention in my own kind of shy way (I did lack a bit of attention from my parents for sure), but it did not and does not feel to me like that and I also do not like to think of it in that way. That would make my fetish some kind of a “wrong” reaction to my childhood circumstances instead of a nice love for pee that I have gotten as a present when I was born. Anyways, I started to pee more and more. I remember how I had peed so much that when I felt hours (or maybe even a day) later, the stain was still wet. I also remember how I once peed in the middle of my room. Afterwards I felt so afraid someone might find out. I think that is also the reason I stopped doing this. As I was getting older I startet to realise that my pee pleasure was getting out of hand and could not/would not stay unnoticed if I went on like this. I really have no idea how old I was when I did pee on the floor of that room for pleasure for the last time. I do know that we got a vinyl floor when I was about eight years old, so it must have been before then. I think it was even before I was 4 years old, but thats just a feeling.

My first memory of peeing myself is a Kindergarden memory. It was a real accident and I felt very unconfortable about it. I was 5 years old and I had changed to another Kindergarden a short time before. I did not feel very well between the other kids in the classroom. It was a day we were alowed to bring our own toys and play with them. I remember how I had to cry and when the teacher asked me what was wrong, I said: “They do not let me play with my own doll”. The teacher was very nice and she said: “Would you not also feel a bit better if we would find you some other pants to ware?”. I remember how glad I felt that I did not have to say anything about my accident and that she was not mad or even surprised. I was very shy (insecure) as a child and this accident had happened because I had been too afraid to ask if I could go to the toilet. This insecurity stayed with me for a long time and I felt shy in every situation. So I never dared to ask if I could go to the toilet and even with my own parents during a long car-ride I was too shy to say that I needed to go. So I held my pee until we stopped for some other reason. I had a very trained bladder because of this and I was able to hold my pee for a very long time, but it was still hard sometimes and my bladder did hurt when I really needed to go, but the fear of asking was so big, that I rather stood that bit of pain. I also had some bladder infections, probably because I had been holding my pee for too long. These infections caused me to wet my pants on accident a couple of times more. But in these cases I did not feel so ashamed about it, because I knew that not feeling the need to go was caused by the infection and I could not help it. When I think about how much I have been holding my pee, I think the pee holding might even have caused concentration problems that I had as a kid (and still have). Holding my pee became a normal situation for me and I still do it all the time, just because I do not take the time to go to the toilet when I am busy with something. Then I keep forgetting about it until that happened so often, that I really can not hold it anymore or until I pee for the pleasure of it and maybe make a videoclip out of it. Wetting my pants is something I still like doing, but it is not the real fetish that I have, only part of it. I really love pee and wetting things that I am not supposed to wet or seeing people do that. I love it the most when the pee creates a nice stain and you can see it spreading and getting sucked into the object or floor or whatever is being peed on. Pants do suck up the pee very nice and it is very nice to feel the warm pee on my legs, but pants you can wash or throw away and thats why peeing on a carpet floor or some other place where the peestain will be permanent, turns me on even more. Although I am actually too decent to do this. (That is probably the cycle of why it turns me on so much)

This post is very personal and it is the first time I wrote all this down. I want to thank you for being interested and reading it. It is only the start of my fetish, so I have much more pee stories about when I was getting older. I might post more experiences here in the near future.

– Sinna